Comments on this page are not a diagnosis for any skin and/or hair disease or condition.
These comments are solely based on the experiences and expressed opinions of individuals who have used NASABB'S products first hand in their own words!

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NASABB products are Heaven Sent! I've been told all my life that I have
beautiful smooth skin and using the Black Soap has helped me maintain that look for the past year. Living in Alaska the winters are very harsh on skin. I love doing outdoor activities all year long and from the hot days of summers to the frigid 20 below temperatures of winter, my skin always look and feel smooth, clear and healthy. Thanks NASABB for offering something that works!!!! I will making another order very soon.
B.H. Wasilla, AL

I just want to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! Your products are WONDERFUL!! I have had adult acne for the past 1-2 years and I have found NOTHING to work as well as your products.  I've tried Mary Kay, I also have a RX of Retin-A AND a bar of the FAKE "black soap", the kind that's actually BLACK and let me tell you, NONE of the products worked HARDLY as well as your REAL black soap and Shea Butter.  Keep in mind, I noticed results with only using the free samples!  I was and still am TOTALLY impressed with how fast my acne spots and blemishes are clearing up.  ALL DUE TO YOU NASABB!! Your Black Soap and Shea Butter have been a TRUE blessing to me. I received my shipment of Shea Butter and Black Soap yesterday and I must also say how IMPRESSIVE your speedy delivery is!! PLEASE keep up the great service and PLEASE do NOT change your products! NASABB, YOU ARE THE REAL DEAL!!! GOD BLESS YOU!!

S.O. Buffalo, NY


Love Your Products. I bought your products after searching several other web sites because yours stated it was 100% pure Shea butter. I am very pleased a well as my brother whose an NBA payer. We all know athletes get bad skin from sweating and all the bacteria that can build up. With Shea Butter products skin will stay clear. Neither one of us has bad skin but we both had a couple of blemishes which this has cleared up along with stretch  marks that I had. I had spent hundreds at the dermatologist to rid 2 blemishes using harsh products from Retin A to others. I even tried tea tree oil which ended up only working to a certain extent before it started drying up my face. Needless to say I love Nasabb's products. Blair & Eric Snow.  Virginia Beach, VA

I receive my order today. And I love the way your guys packaged it. And I can't wait to use it .Thank you sooo... Much!!!
JR, Oakland, CA

I just received my first order of black soap and shea butter which I can gladly say arrived promptly.  I love the black soap it leaves my face feeling so clean and the shea butter is already starting to fade my dark spots on my face.
RC, Blacklick, OH

I went on line to search for Shea Butter. I was very happy to find Shea Butter and Black Soap. I have problems getting Black Soap here. My daughter used to send the Black Soap from New Jersey. Now she lives in Texas with me so my source was cut off until now! LV, Forthworth, TX

I just wanted to send you a message to let you know I found your web site very informative. I enjoyed reading the information you provided on your web site about braids. Keep up the good work.  J.P. Hampton, VA

I received my order of shea butter and black soap in Nov. 2002. By the end
of Dec. My face is clear, blemish-free, glowing, and all one color. Also I had
eczema on my back and arms area. Thanks to diet change and your black soap plus shea butter (used on face plus body) the improvement and clarity lifted me in awe. Don't change a thing. P.S. great time frame of placing my order and receiving it.
N.J.N, Windsor CT

I would like to thank the nice person who combined this with order #502601.  You saved me some money, and I appreciate it.  I have been using the black soap and the shea butter for about a week now; and I'm loving it.  So thank you for your great customer service, and also your wonderful products.
L.C. Detriot, MI

I really enjoyed the sample products that I received.
V.M.R. Natchitoches, LA

I have extremely dry skin and have used Shea Butter products in the past, but not pure, unrefined Shea Butter.  AMAZING!  I don't know how I survived without it.... I only wish I found your website sooner.  No longer do I use expensive cosmetic moisturizers; they just cannot compare to your Black Soap and Shea Butter.  Also, I ordered the products late one evening and three days later it arrived.  Your service is superb.  Thank you so much for offering the best products at the most reasonable prices. GTW. Amesbury, MA

I LOVE IT!  I received my order of black soap and my free samples yesterday and I see results already! After I rinsed my face from using the black soap I saw a beautiful glow! At first I thought it was mind over matter, but when my child noticed, I knew it wasn't my mind. My daughter, who is a pre-teen will be using this product too because she's experiencing puberty, so pimples and blemishes are her enemies right now.  I also used the sample of shea butter and my face feels great, not dry and tight. So guess what...I ordered that too this morning.  Thanks Nasabb for your natural products.  Sincerely a loyal and faithful
customer for life.
DJ. Mount Vernon, New York

Excellent products! I just received my sample pack in the mail this past
week.  I want to express how utterly fascinated I am with your products
and website.  The honey oatmeal soap and Shea butter are truly miracle
workers for my sensitive and unevenly toned skin.  Honestly, immediate results were achieved after using these products for only a few days. And the hair oil is incredible!  Makes my hair look healthy and shine beautifully.  I will be telling a lot of folks about your products and insightful website.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for 100% satisfaction!  I hope to continue to support your business for years to come. Thanks also for the hair/skin tips and African history tidbits.  Very informative.
E.L.A. Oakland, CA

I sent for a sample of your products after researching natural hair and skin care.  I am wearing a natural hair style after years of abusing my hair and was looking for something to change its condition.  I tried sweet almond oil and that worked well but no where near your Kelechi oil.  I could tell the difference after one hot oil treatment.  I am still waiting on products I ordered from a competitor in early January but your delivery was prompt.  Thank You! I just placed my second order. SAM, Eatontown, NJ

Hello my black people! I just want to say a sister in Detroit is very happy with black soft. My skin is soft and feels so clean. Thanks for making a sister happy! 
TLW, Detroit, MI

Just after 2 days of ordering online, I received my order of black soap
along with the free sample kit of shea butter, oatmeal soap, hair oil and incense.  I am NOT exaggerating when I tell you that I saw a difference immediately when I washed my face with the black soap.  I thought it was just mind over matter at first, but when my daughter noticed the same thing, I knew I wasn't seeing things.  I used the sample of shea butter and it feels so good on my face, that I'm placing a order for that too.  Thanks to your genuine product, you now have a genuine customer. 

DPJ Mount Vernon, NY

Your product (Shea Butter) is simply the best! I've been using it for about 6 months. My skin is clear, soft, and smooth. I receive complements all of the time. Thanks for such a great product.  DM, Hampton, VA

Thank you for my order.  I would like to know what products you would recommend for me.  I wear the double twist natural  hair style. I tried the black soap for washing my hair and loved it! CPOP, Oakland, CA

I received my order of black soap and shea butter on Sat. Dec. 7.  It is really delightful.  I had recently purchased black soap and shea butter from another company on the web and the soap came in a baggy rolled in a ball and was completely black and smelled like coal tar.  Needless to say, when I used your soap it was soooooo different.  I actually threw the other ball of "black soap" in the garbage.  The shea butter I received from them was also very different from yours. It was hard and gritty and a white color.   I liked your samples you sent also, that is a very smart idea so people can actually try your products before they spend too much.   Thanks again, I am anxious to try the soap to see if it clears up my bumps and blemishes on my face.  Once again, thank you.
CM, Woodland, PA

I received my purchase about two weeks ago.  I have to say I am very
pleased.  When I opened my box, I was greeted with a wonderful fragrance.  I purchased the black soap, shea butter, Kelechi oil and
honey oatmeal soap.  Delivery was fast..2 days!  I have tried other shea butters, but this is the best so far.  In my area, I have purchased the so-called black soap and thought I was getting a good product until I tried your...just superb.  I am on the journey of growing locks and the Kelechi oil is wonderful and makes my hair smell great and keeps my scalp tingly.  I am telling all my friends about your products.  This was my first won't be my last!
K.V.T. Jackson, MS

Earlier this week I ordered your sample pack and received it in like 3
days! Great delivery time. The same day the order arrived I had some
very irritated areas of skin on my face. I washed it with the black soap, it burned a little bit on the really sensitive areas but felt very soft after I dried it. I couldn't decide which product to moisturize with the shea butter or the shea moisturizer, so I finally decided on the shea moisturizer since it has the aloe vera and chamomile in it. After applying the moisturizer my skin felt so good and the coloring actually came back on the irritated areas. I later discovered that the skin irritation had completely cleared up from just one use of your products! These products are heaven sent, I look forward to ordering full size products very soon, I'm waiting for the black soap to come in stock. You have found yourself another satisfied customer, keep up the good work! God Bless You!
T.T.R. Chicago Ridge, IL

I love your company. Thank you for giving the history of your African products. It means a lot to me that your company does not exploit my
country like others. Also your delivery is unbelievable. I am a loyal
T.D. Stockbridge, GA


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Note: Comments on this page are not a diagnosis for any skin and/or hair disease or condition.
These comments are solely based on the experiences and expressed opinions of individuals who have used NASABB'S products first hand in their own words!.

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